Turn Data Into Information That Is Useful To Your Organization

Business Analytics provides new insights and understanding of business performance based on data analysis and statistical methods. It is the next generation beyond traditional Business Intelligence. Bardess brings the expertise and technologies for the iterative exploration and investigation of business performance.

Bardess Analytics Solutions allow you to turn a vast array of Structured, Unstructured or Big Data sets into valuable information that drives decision-making in your corporation. We ensure that all your data has clear definitions and a fully understandable presentation to users.

Using Data Discovery and Advanced Analytical tools, we provide the means of presenting relevant data to senior management, financial executives, sales, operational managers, etc. at the proper level of detail and within the required time period. In addition, our solutions ensure that critical business information is available for reporting through closed-loop processes that deliver the information in a timely manner.

Bardess can assist you to capture, analyze and share the critical information in your organization. We offer a full range of services that include activities such as:

Information Analysis
Analyzing your information to gain insight into your business.
Performance & Results Monitoring
Identifying metrics to monitor business processes and performance results
Business Reporting
Developing tools and processes to communicate and report information to the Enterprise

Bardess uses proven methodologies to quickly get results from your data. You may engage our consultants to focus on one critical aspect of your overall Business Analytics plan or engage our team to manage the full scope of the effort. Our consultants will work with your team to ensure that you obtain quality business metrics, forecasts, predictive analytics or reports that meet your needs.