New Data Scientist, Peruzzo, Brings Global Insights, Expertise to Bardess

How do you get those insights? The Bardess Zero2Hero stack is one way, but the stack needs a skilled data scientist behind it to really make things happen. Serena Peruzzo is the newest data scientist on the Bardess team, but she brings a wealth of high-level expertise from around the globe. We recently had the […]

Qlik Sense and the App On-Demand

Before I go into why you may need to pay close attention to this new way of generating advanced analytics applications, it’s important to lay the foundation with a brief explanation of what the App-On-Demand premise actually is… App On-Demand is a method through which a brand new analysis is generated based on ad-hoc user […]

Blog Series – Accurate and Comprehensive Customer Data Mapping #1 – Define Your Enterprise Customer

How accurate and comprehensive is your customer data? Data analysis is only as good as the quality and completeness of data obtained during the data query process. Ensuring that customer data is accurate (obtaining the exact data needed) and complete (making sure that this data is comprehensive) is the foundation from which your analysis should […]

President of Bardess Group Ltd, Joe DeSiena, Moderates a Panel of Information Technology Executives at the Society of Information Management Event.

On February 12, 2015 SIM held a “Analytics & Business Intelligence” panel discussion at the Madison Hotel in Morristown NJ. Joe DeSiena, President of Consulting Services at Bardess Group Ltd. and an Executive Committee Trustee of NJ SIM, was the event moderator leading an interactive discussion around the evolving landscape of the Business Intelligence marketplace. […]

Data Quality Over Quantity

As the single largest growing element in modern IT services, big data has dominated the industry. The abundance of available data and ease of access could quickly become overwhelming to untrained individuals. The leading enterprise trend seems to be acquiring data in mass. This, however is not where big data proves beneficial. The old-time saying […]

Prototyping (Part 1 of 4) – A Key to Success

By Michael Trezise, Senior Manager, and Casey Considine, Senior Consultant Remaining competitive and successful in today’s marketplace requires, among other things, being better than your competitors in product innovativeness, design, quality, service and value.  Accomplishing that requires staying ahead of your competitors and in-tune with customer needs, ensuring that products exceed expectations from the start; […]