The magnitude of the number of attendees and registrants was unprecedented! Bardess did a great job working across teams to put together a powerful training presentation that helps explain to our partners how KTN, CDS, and IBLM are connected. It’s not an easy thing to communicate, but thanks to Bardess’ work, I think our partners will start to grasp the relationships much easier than they have up until now. Although content is outstanding, what impressed me the most was the collaborative manner in which Bardess solicited input and involved our cross-functional partners. Everyone came out of the process feeling really good about the final product. Thank you again for your partnership.
I am reaching out to personally thank you on behalf of the teams for going above and beyond in providing outstanding support for critical aspects of the project.
Bardess helps make sense out of our large volume of unstructured data … their analysis and recommendations are always on target
Bardess gets things done on time and within budget. You can count on them
Bardess understands services … they always find effective solutions to our process issues
When we need someone to identify and fill the gaps in our business processes and data flows, we call Bardess
Our process reengineering project could not have achieved its success without Bardess
They have fair pricing and consistently perform under pressure… that’s why we’ve retained them for over three years on numerous projects
On behalf of my entire team, I extend our enthusiastic thanks and appreciation for the outstanding support
You have been outstanding and have enabled us to keep moving our Qlikviews forward and help us meet all targets
I’d like to pass on my sincere gratitude for the incredible support that you have provided over the last few months, in creating the ‘business intelligence’ that has made this possible. The dedication, flexibility and good humor with which you have approached the many last minute requests, a testament to your commitment to supporting this account – and I am confident that this achievement would not have been possible without your data control and leadership
Thank you again for your contribution and impact with regards to our key priorities in Q3 – Growth, Productivity, Customer / Field / Partner Experience and Giving Back. You guys ROCK!
Thanks. The Bardess team played a critical role in enabling project success
Guys… every time I use the Analytics I am just blown away. This is such a cool application! Really, my hats off to you all for making this possible
I just wanted to say thanks for sharing the training modules with me the other day. I have to say that they are the most professional looking training development efforts that I have seen in a while and the content seems to have hit the correct mark