Bardess Assists Companies to Achieve their Goals

Providing Integrated and Flexible Consulting Solutions

  • We have worked on Data Assessment and Remediation projects for our clients, such as our recent engagement at Avaya Inc. as part of a massive Data Transformation initiative.
  • We tailor all our solutions to the client’s specific needs, focusing on critical functions that impact operational efficiency and/or revenue generation.

Identifying Underlying Causes & Implementing Structured Change

  • We identify underlying causes for business problems (such as data quality and migration issues) including process gaps, system weaknesses and operational breakdowns.
  • We develop and implement incremental or complete solutions to correct the identified problems and leverage new opportunities for improvements depending on the scope and character of the existing issues.

Maintaining a software agnostic approach to developing business solutions

  • We work towards developing the best solutions that utilize the most effective software tools at the lowest cost.
  • We do not try to find a solution that fits a software tool.

Teaming with Clients to obtain Client Buy-in

  • By working together with the client team, we obtain a complete view of the issues and identify client needs and requirements, including assessment, planning, development and implementation.
  • We help to gain management and user buy-in to develop alternative solutions to identified business requirements and implement suggested solutions.

Our approach may be applied to any combination of targeted functions within your organization.

Customer Interface Groups

  • Sales
  • Sales Operations
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service>
  • Call Centers
  • Services — TAC
  • Field Services
  • Billing<

Support Function Groups

  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing and Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution / Logistics
  • Data Steward