What Makes Bardess Different?

Bardess Group Ltd. is a privately held enterprise dedicated to providing project-based management consulting services for major corporations.

At Bardess, our senior professionals are available to focus exclusively on your business. We are experienced in a variety of industry-specific applications and processes, and are experts at identifying underlying causes for operational and data quality issues, including process gaps, system issues and operational breakdowns. We team with our clients to develop and implement solutions to correct identified problems and highlight new opportunities to improve operations as they are uncovered.

What distinguishes Bardess from the competitors?

  • Data Quality and Business Intelligence are core competencies for our business, not add-on functions. We understand where to find data, how to use data, how to cleanse and maintain data, and how to turn data into useful information for measuring corporate performance and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • We employ only senior professionals with both functional and industry experience.
  • We employ a team-based approach to our projects, and obtain organizational buy-in for our solutions from our clients.
  • We have a proven track record of success for over a decade at major clients such as Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Avaya Inc., among others.
  • Our clients consistently discover true value in our consulting services, as evidenced by an engagement repeat rate of nearly 100% with our major clients; despite the downturn in the economy, we have continued to obtain new engagements on a project basis.